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s the gist of it. I hope th
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So, I’ve put the question to some of you about your break even point – and so very few know what that means! It’s so easy to get excited about a new company, but it’s also important to understand what it is your getting into!

When I say that, I mean how many team mates do you need to have and what kind of business do they need to be doing to break even?

To me, to break even means it’s covering your own monthly costs. For every MLM it’s different, but this is how it works with mine.

My business runs on a point system – this is because within each team Barry Bonds Jersey , you can have associates from Canada and the US – and since the dollar values on identical items in both countries can be different, we’ve made it so each identical item is worth identical points. Keeps it even between the countries come bonus time.

SO, to reach certain bonus levels, you have to have a certain amount of points. (I’m sure in other companies, it’s a point or dollar amount you have to reach.)

So, in my company my downline has to do about $1500 a month for my OWN 100 point order to be completely covered. On my team Bill Mazeroski Jersey , I do have some associates who sell, and I have some who just use for their own home. So some will do more than 100 points in a month. But, as you can imagine, it is VERY easy for anyone to use $100 in their own homes (personal care, cooking and baking staples, laundry Jung-ho Kang Jersey , cleaning, etc.) and so it is very easy to get Watkins associates to reach that 100 points in your downline.

I don’t often sell – I put one order in once a month for my own homes needs (hand soap, lotion, face care, laundry care – all natural choices in our house.) and I let my friends and family know when that order is. 1500 points in an entire team would put a Watkins associate at Gold Consultant, earning an extra 30% of the bonus value of your OWN order back Starling Marte Jersey , plus up to 20% of your entire teams bonus value. (ofcourse, there are higher levels you can achieve, for MORE bonus value, but we’re sticking with the break even. )

With Watkins, to be a Gold Consultant and get paid on that title, I would have to put a minimum of a 100 point order to GET my downline bonus. I only need to do 100 of those 1500 points.

SO Josh Harrison Jersey , for me the break even point was having 14 associates all ordering their 100 points for their own homes usage. The BIGGER earnings started when THOSE 14 started to sponsor (and ofcourse I continued to sponsor also) so the team grows bigger. All of the teams points are MY points, so I earn a bonus on every dollar they spend (all the while NEVER taking any of their own off-the-top percent, and they earn bonuses for levels too.) This is how I work my business so I don’t have to break my neck SELLING product (I rarely buy catalogues, etc.) and earn an income.

I had my first 14 associates within the first 4 months of team building. (my business is easy for Men as well as Women to relate to, so It opens up options when recruiting.)

So, hopefully that wasn’t too confusing. You’ll have to get out your own company’s comp plan Kent Tekulve Jersey , and sit with a calculator and play with some numbers. If you know what your average order is, and base any team mates average order on that, HOW MANY team mates do you need producing HOW MUCH get to certain earning levels and to break even on WHAT YOU ARE SPENDING? Whether that’s buying books, money on gas for deliveries, or just your own homes usage.

1. Find out what you are spending on Books, product for YOURSELF Roberto Clemente Jersey , business materials.

2. Figure out what an Average Order is in your Home business. (based on what you sell, or what your team mates are selling.

3. Sit down with your comp plan, and play with some numbers. If 10 are doing that average, where does it put you in your comp plan. How about 15? 20?

When those numbers you’re playing with get to the amount you are spending each monthcampaign, you’ve found your break even point.

Without having your specific comp plan, it’s difficult to get into specifics Willie Stargell Jersey , but that’s the gist of it. I hope that helps!

Lori Petroff is an Online Business and Marketing Coach, who works with network marketers from several different companies, after building success within her own network marketing MLM business.

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